Detailed Instructions for Fixing the Fascia and Soffit


Detailed Instructions for Fixing the Fascia and Soffit

A roof’s construction is actually quite complex, consisting of various parts that work together to enhance the aesthetics, security, and ventilation of a building.

Roofing materials, soffit, and fascia are often misunderstood. Both of these parts are vital to the functioning of your home, but they can also be the root of specific common roofing problems that necessitate the help of a Soffit Repair in Fort Collins professional.

Where does a soffit go, and what does it do?

The English word “soffit” is derived from the French phrase “formed as a ceiling” and the Latin verb “to fix underneath.” The term “soffit” is often used to refer to the exposed surface that is positioned beneath the hanging section of an eave on a roof. Still, it can also describe the horizontal underside of an archway, stairs, or ceiling.

The fascia, then, is…what?

Fascia happens to be a perpendicular finishing edge related to the area the place gutter happens to attach to the roof. However, it may be found attached to the rafters or trusses instead. The fascia’s primary role is to prevent water damage to the roof’s underlying fascia board by acting as a waterproof barrier between the roof’s edge and the elements outside.

An old, decaying plank of wood

Most fascia boards are constructed of wood, which degrades with time and needs to be replaced. Wooden boards can be protected from rot by painting them regularly with a high-quality primer and filling in any apparent cracks or holes. Fascia caps, also known as fascia trim, are an optional addition to your roof. As a protective covering for the fascia board, fascia caps are typically made of aluminum or other durable materials.

Replace the Fascia Boards

If the rot on a fascia board is severe enough, it may need to be replaced. This is, thankfully, a simple approach that falls under routine roof care. To return a board, you usually remove the old one and put in a new one that has been cut to size. You need to paint the new fascia board and seal the joints after installing it with Soffit Install in Fort Collins experts.