Commercial roofing


Commercial roofing

If you’re on the search the All Seasons Roofing and Restoration that specializes in Flat Roof systems as well as pitch roof (shingles) systems from office building to Apartments in all Colorado areas , then look no further!  Our team of commercial and industrial roofers have what it takes to ensure that your next roofing project is executed efficiently, on-time and within budget.  We are among one of the top roofing companies in the Colorado market.

Whether your building is need of a complex roof repair or full roof replacement, we can help!  With years of experience serving commercial customers just like you, go ahead sit back and relax while our All Seasons Roofing and Restoration get the job done right.  Contact us today for a no-obligation free roofing estimate!

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Our goal at All Seasons Roofing and Restoration is not to just replace your commercial roof. Our goal is to inspect it, and educate you on what your best, most cost efficient options are. Our goal is not to do as much volume as we can. Our goal is to provide the maximum amount of customer service. One of the ways we achieve this is by performing thorough, detailed inspections. Every inspection will come with a detailed report with photos and information that will not only present estimates and cost efficient options, but will also educate you on your existing roof and best options so you know what to expect from bids from our competitors as well.


General Inspections

We will provide a general inspection where we assess the overall quality and condition of your roof. We will inspect for any workmanship errors, and potential future problems. A report will be generated that contains details of the condition of the roof and list any recommendations we may have.


Hail/Wind Damage Inspections

If you have had a hail storm or severe weather to your commercial property, we can provide a free inspection to verify there is enough damage to file a claim with your property insurance.


Infrared Inspections

On a commercial roof, it is very common for the entry point of a leak to be located at a different spot than where the interior damage of the property appears. We can perform an infrared inspection and generate a report pinpointing the exact locations on the roof where moisture is penetrating in.


Asphalt shingles are the most common type of roof system in the US. We have extensive experience installing these systems on multi-family complexes. We place a 10-year labor warranty on these systems, and the material typically comes with a lifetime warranty.


Single Ply

TPO, PVC and EPDM are all part of the single-ply family and the most common types of low-slope systems in the US. We are experts at installing these systems. While they are known to be highly durable and cost effective, they are also known to provide significant energy efficiency. Our single-ply systems typically come with a 20-year warranty and no leak guarantee.



Metal roofs for commercial buildings provide several important benefits such as energy efficiency, a high degree of durability and a low need for maintenance. They are also resistant to fire and can last for decades. We typically place a 20-year guarantee on all our metal roof systems.


Clay, Tile & Slate

This high end roofing system is becoming a lost art. Installation practices are very technical, but if done correctly, this roof system will outlast most others. We are experts at clay tile and slate installations. We firmly believe that any clay tile or slate roof can be repaired with all leaks stopped, and all penetrations sealed. We typically place a 20-year warranty and no leak guarantee on our clay tile and slate installations.


Coatings & SPF Foam

A coating or polyurethane foam can be a comparable, but more budget friendly option to replacing the roof system. Coatings/foam are the only application method that is a true monolithic system with no seams, penetrations or fasteners. Depending on the product and the application method you choose, we place a 20- to 30-year warranty and no leak guarantee on all of our coating and foam applications.


Modified Bitumen

Modified bitumen membranes can be installed using hot asphalt, adhesive, self-adhered backing or with heat, which is torch applied. While they may cost more than TPO, they are ideal for surfaces that have increased foot traffic. On our modified bitumen installations, we typically offer a 20-year warranty and no leak guarantee.